Tuesday, 11 December 2012

wellington trip review

Wednesday 19th September 2012
L.I Wellington trip review

The three highlights of the trip for me were the cable cart,fairy ride,.food

The thing I liked about the cable car was when we saw a magnificent site of all of the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and a wonderful waterfall in a pool.

One thing I liked about the ferry was when I got to see a cool site and watch movies that I have not seen before. Being on the ferry was kind of better than being Auckland and it was pretty cool seeing such big waves.

Last but not least I liked the parliament because there was a guy who thought he was John kry and two students that pretended to be his guards it was fun and awesome to see the inside of the beehive.

The things that could have improved was the food free time and not enough sleep.

The food we could have gotten more food like all the people with money could have chipped in to get some food.

No free time we could have got some free time like when we were in our rooms doing nothing we should have went to a field and played some touch or at the beach.

Not enough sleep on all of the days we did not have enough sleep because we had to get up at 6:30 in the morning so it was a drag for all the boys and all the girls because of the sleep we didn't get heaps of sleep

Wellington was a great place to see it was nice but the weather wasn't good but everything else went smooth and i just want to say thank you to all the teachers who did everything for us students it was great and awesome.

duffy assembly

Wednesday 26th september 2012
Duffy book assembly
L.I Sequence of events

On Tuesday the 25th of september 2012 the school had a duffy book assembly in the hall we first did the karakia then we did the national anthem then we sat down and to of our guest stood up and spoke about themselves and what they do brenda is a musician and mark is a author who writes books.

First they played a song called rufus the dog it was a slow song played by two different guitars which is a normal guitar and a guitar which has eight strings and that looked hard to play it was kind of cool seeing a different guitar in my life so it was good to see something different.

second they played another song which was a dinosaur song where a dog digs up dinosaur bones and it can't fit through the door and he tries until theres no more bones so he dug and he dug in the mud until there was no bones left in the big yuck brown mud.

After that  he sang a third song which was a reggae song I like reggae songs because there motivating they make you want to get up and dance until the theres another song which is motivating and it's kind of like fitness but in a fun way like you get to move and not stay in one spot and get board.

Next he sang his last song and he told us to close our eyes and imagine what we were feeling or what we were imagining about
in our head so he played a tune that made some people go to sleep for a while but that wasn't supposed to happen so they were not thinking about anything.

last but not least he told us what he does and what his assistant does and he also said follow your dreams and read.

Rising Water

Question:How to make water rise

Equipment: blade,straw,a glass of water.
Hypothesis:I thought we had to put a hot object over the glass of water.
Method:First you cut the straw not in half just 5 millimeters .
last but not least put the straw into the  glass of water then blow and see what happens.

Observation: the water began to spray through the opening of the straw
Result:the water began to rise
Explanation:Moving air exerts less sideways pressure then still or less turbulent air around it.The moving air at the upper end of the straw reduced the pressure in the vertical straw.At atmospheric pressure of the water was now greater than the pressure in the straw,some water was forced up into it.


Introduction: having our net books was just a great experience for me and all the students even thou we had bad times we had to get our net book get taken off it was pain full but we got over it the only reason why it was pain full because we were playing games most of the time.
When we got our net books we were like oh my gosh I have never had one of these before ‘it was so awesome to see a device I have never had in my life I would like to have a net book of my own if that was then that would be nice.
I just want to say thank you to Mr. Horan and to all the teachers especially to Mrs. Bert for giving us a chance to know what it was like to have a net book for one year it was great thank you.
It was great I had fun it was easy all thanks to the net books even when we had bad times and good times even thou we mostly had bad times with our net books .

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank you Mr Horan

Tamaki Intermediate School
80A Tripoli Road

Friday 21st September 2012

The Principal
Tamaki Intermediate

Dear Mr Horan

I just want to thank you for  for taking your precious family time to organise   this amazing trip to Wellington for all of us.This  was the greatest time of my life so I  want to say thank you.

Thank you for taking us for a walk around Wellington to see the enormous buildings and getting to know our way around. The Weta Cave, Te Papa Museum, Carter Observatory and The Amazing Race were awesome.
The ferry ride to Picton  was a mind blowing experience. When the weather got rough, we got to see huge hailstones.

It was a good experience for some students to see what it was like to be out of Auckland and to see the beautiful sights of Wellington.For me it was kind of scary  to go the plane for the first time  but I survived.

Thank you Mr Horan for arranging for Mr  Sam Lotu-liga time to talk to us about his job working as a politician. That  was really  good because he  gave me  the  assurance that if I want  to achieve something  then I should go for it . I should follow my  dreams  and do my best.

I  also learnt a lot from the Speaker of the House.
Thank you to all the teachers and helpers that came with us and to all the students that tried to behave well and cooperate.

Yours sincerely

Friday, 31 August 2012

Caught being good dad

Dear Mrs Baker

Hi my name is Jordan Fifita I am a Tongan Samoan and I am 12 years old and I would like to tell you about my father.

First my dad's name is William and he is a Tongan. He is in his 30s, he is big ,bold and bulky and my mum says that he is very witty and  handsome.This is very hard for me because he is my step dad and I want him to be my actual dad because in order for my step dad to be my real dad my other dad has to give up his last name so that we can have my steps dad's last name.

Secondly my dad supports me in everything that I do like whenever I have a sport coming up he would come and he would help me with my homework. He would take me places, buy me things and teaches me how to do things that is hard for me to figure out.

My dad likes to take me places,buy me things and helps me with the things that are hard to figure out.He likes to play rugby and be in the church. He is a handsome man and this is the thing I hate about my father's work. He works night and never has any time with us,only on weekends.

Last of all I would really like to win this gift for him  because I have never given my dad anything truly from me and this would be great for me to win this gift. Thank you Mrs Baker.

Yours  sincerely